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Welcome to Vitiligo Support UK.  We are a patient support charity in the UK, providing free, constantly updated and user-friendly information and support to all those with vitiligo and their family and friends.

Please see below for the latest news:

  • The University of Manchester is researching what the general public know about Vitamin D and how we metabolise it through our skin.  They’ve got a survey to answer, take a look and join in the research by following the link here:

  • Don’t forget though that Public Health England advice on Vitamin D is that it’s not possible to build it up through sun exposure or diet between October and April in the UK.  During these months PHE recommend taking a supplement of 10 micrograms daily.

  • JAK-1 and JAK-3 Inhibitors come to trial for vitiligo patients in the US:  Pfizer are recruiting patients for a trial of oral JAK inhibitors and are looking for both non-segmental vitiligo, and also patients with active vitiligo.  There’s more information here:

  • You can also read a lot more detail about the trial on this US site.  The trial includes narrowband uvb phototherapy treatment in one of its ‘arms’.

  • Results are not due to be published until December 2020, and it’s Phase 2b of research meaning that it’s still at the stage of investigating if Pfizer’s theory about the drugs, what they will do, their side effects and what the best dose might be to treat vitiligo are correct, and there will be at least one more stage before it might be licensed for patients to receive in hospitals or clinics.   This also means we are still a few years away from seeing one or both of these drugs on the market.

  • There’s a new specialised Vitiligo clinic taking place at Guys & St Thomas’s in London and run by Dr John Ferguson, referrals to the clinic take place from General Dermatology which should be your first port of call. 

  • Check out our Skin Support Resource which gives information on managing some of the moments we all have when we struggle with the impact of our vitiligo.  This advice is specific to the UK, and if you’re experiencing very low mood or feelings you’re find hard to manage please contact your GP, or the Samaritans available 24/7 on 116 123   Skin Support resources

  • Also take a look at the British Association of Dermatologists’ website for patients with skin conditions which contains a lot of useful information and support

  • We’re on Instagram sharing photos and comment, news stories and more – look out for us @vitiligosupportuk