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Registered Charity number 1170557

Welcome to Vitiligo Support UK.  We are a new charity in the UK, providing totally free, constantly updated and user-friendly information and support to all those with vitiligo and their family and friends.

Please see below the latest news and events taking place in the world of vitiligo.  And don’t forget that if you have vitiligo you’re entitled to a prescription for sunscreen – see our letter supporting you with your GP below:

  • The SKIN MATTERS conference is on 20 May, and at the lower price of £32 for the day, including food.  We are joining the Patient Support Group panel in the afternoon, and there will be a talk on camouflage included in the cost.  See more information at this link. Come along, we’d love to meet you! Also there will be the Psoriasis Help Organisation, and Mind & Skin, and an amazing line up of speakers on all aspects of skin disease, including camouflage!

  • Check out the wealth of information on the British Association Of Dermatology’s website, from Patient Information Leaflets through to a list of current research going on in dermatology.  We are contributing to their Clinical Guidelines on Vitiligo at the moment, and are one of the lay representatives on UK TREND, which focuses on translational research, or research that has a direct translation to benefit for patients.  In addition they have updated and considerably improved the psychodermatology site which you can take a look at here.

  • If you contributed to the Changing Faces survey it will in turn contribute to Face Equality Day taking place on Friday 26 May 2017.  We are really pleased to have been included in Changing Faces’ list of charities to work with them on this event. Watch this space for more news of how to get involved, but in the first place please take a little time to complete their survey.  Click on this link for more information on the day.

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