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Welcome to Vitiligo Support UK.  We are a new charity in the UK, providing totally free, constantly updated and user-friendly information and support to all those with vitiligo and their family and friends.

Please see below the latest news and events taking place in the world of vitiligo.  And don’t forget that if you have vitiligo you’re entitled to a prescription for sunscreen – see our letter supporting you with your GP below:


    Are you living with vitiligo? Do you know someone who has the condition?

     Are you interested in meeting people across the UK who also live with vitiligo? Would you like to share your mutual experiences, make new friends and learn about each other’s lives?

     Award-winning TV production company Hello Halo are looking for contributors living with vitiligo for an exciting new BBC Three series. In this warm and informative programme, people will mentor and support others who live with the condition.

     Working together, contributors will collectively share their wisdom and confidence with those in need of a little support. In return, our audience will have a better understanding of what it is like to live with a condition like vitiligo.

    If you have vitiligo (or know someone that has it) and you are interested to learn more about the series, please to have an informal, private chat with one of our team. 

  • Now it’s getting more autumnal please read our advice on taking Vitamin D supplements!  Last year the government updated its advice (which previously said that you could get enough Vitamin D from your diet and the sun) to recommend that everyone takes a supplement between October and April if resident in the United Kingdom.  More information on how to achieve a proper level are in our Fact Sheet attached Vitiligo and Vitamin D Factsheet

  • Don’t forget that if you’re going away to get some sunshine over the winter, protect your patches.  You can still get sunscreen on prescription, although the NHS is reviewing this amongst other items in the autumn this year.   A letter is attached which you can take with you to your doctor, explaining why you are entitled to get this on prescription.  Please let us know if you have any problems via the website or GP-letter-sunscreen-2017


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